NFL Select 2 Contest 2015   Name        
Entry Fee   $5:00 First 16 weeks of the NFL regular season Cumulative points for the season; no eliminations.
Prize Money First 30% of total entry fees collected after deducting the $15 in bonuses
  Second 20% of total entry fees collected after deducting the $15 in bonuses
  Third 20% of total entry fees collected after deducting the $15 in bonuses
  Fourth through Sixth 10% (each) of total entry fees collected after deducting the bonuses
Women Only Bonus First Place $10.00; Second Place $5.00
Select two (2) NFL teams each week.  Each NFL team may selected only once during the 16 week contest,
therefore, every NFL must be selected.  The two teams selected do not need to be playing each other that week.
Scoring       Each Participant will receive points equal to the combined actual score of the two teams selected.
                  A bonus of 10 points will be awarded each week in which the combined score of the two teams
                  selected exceeds 50 points.
New for 2015  Early Bird Bonus  A Participant will receive a bonus of 2 points for each week his/her picks are received
by John Cherven prior to 9:00 AM Friday.
In addition to the regular scoring shown above, each Participant will have the option to earn additional bonus points
each week.  In the list below, each team has a number next to it.  In the week a Participant selects a team, he/she
will have the option to indicate whether the team will score more than the number of points indicated for that team.
If correct, the Participant will earn a bonus of 7 points for that team.  If incorrect, 5 points will be subtracted from the 
earned for that team.  If the score is exact, or the Participant chooses not to elect the option, no additional bonus
will be earned or subtracted.  There will be no "Under" option.
Optional Optional
Team 1 Over (Check if Yes) Team 2 Over (Check if Yes)
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Week 2        
Week 3        
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Week 5        
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Week 11        
Week 12        
Week 13        
Week 14        
Week 15        
Week 16        
All NFL Teams Arizona 20 Green Bay 27 Oakland 17
Atlanta 23 Houston 21 Philadelphia 24
Baltimore 20 Indianapolis 24 Pittsburgh 21
Buffalo 19 Jacksonville 14 San Diego 21
Carolina 20 Kansas City 20 San Francisco 17
Chicago 20 Miami 18 Seattle 20
Cincinnati 21 Minnesota 20 St. Louis 17
Cleveland 14 New England 25 Tampa Bay 14
Dallas 24 New Orleans 24 Tennessee 14
Denver 27 NY Giants 20 Washington 17
Detroit 24 NY Jets 15
Weekly selections must be submitted to John Cherven (fax 989-348-2258; phone 348-2554) or
email    no later than 7:00 PM Friday (7:00 PM Wednesday for Thursday games).
If the selections are not submitted by the deadline, the Participant will receive zero points for the week.
The deadline was extended one hour this year, and will be strictly enforced so submit your picks on time.
Each Participant will be granted one four-hour extension (11:00PM) during the 16 weeks.  No exceptions!
Weekly results will be posted on the internet at: